While service and  flexibility are a big part of our success, it is not only our human attributes that give us the edge. In an industry powered by technology, Koicoms boasts a further advantage that none of our competitors can replicate.

As part of the global organisation, the Triton Group, the US ATM machine manufacturer, Triton is one of our sister companies. This means that we enjoy a very special relationship and access to the most reliable and highest quality ATM machines in the world. With a Triton ATM machine, you are in good company – there are nearly 200,000 ATM machine installations in over 24 countries worldwide. The company has been providing reliable ATM machine products for more than 30 years and leads the way in cash machine innovation and features.

We can supply high quality ATM machine units suitable for installation in all sites from a wide selection of designs including internal ‘Free-Standing Lobby’ ATM machines or external ‘Hole-In-The-Wall’ units. We will help you decide which ATM machine model best fits your needs.

Providing your customers easy access to an onsite ATM provides revenue for you each time a withdraw is made, and provides your customer with ready cash to buy products from you. Simply put, that’s a win-win scenario for your business. Koicoms  makes it easy to set up an ATM service through our Money Machine program. With it, we provide industry-leading service, software, and support to ensure you get the easiest and most lucrative, hassle-free merchant ATM program.

Having a merchant ATM service at your place of business means customers will be drawn in by an ATM sign and often, much of that cash they withdraw will be used right there in your store. With minimal floor space and minimal investment you can set up a compact profit center that generates revenue on each surcharged transaction.

By partnering with Koicoms and its Money Machine division, your ATM installation, training and customer support are all taken care of.

Beyond the benefits of partnering with KOICOMS , consider these advantages:


  • Well-lit, and secure place for customers to withdraw cash
  • Safe and easy way for you to circulate available cash
  • Reduce the amount of cash kept in the register
  • Fewer trips to the bank for deposits

You’ll soon find that profits from your ATM will truly make it a money machine!. So, whatever your merchant ATM services needs might be, we have a safe and secure solution, backed by superior service and dedicated support.

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