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Koicoms Processing Terminals

Koicoms has the credit card processing equipment you need to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, we have one of the largest selections of credit card processing equipment in the industry. From virtual terminals to wireless credit card terminals, Koicoms has it all. So, chances are no matter what business you’re in, we have a customised equipment solution that can help you run it more efficiently.

All of our PCI compliant equipment arrives:

  • Preloaded with your merchant information
  • Preprogrammed for your specific needs
  • Pretested to ensure functionality




Compare Koicoms Card Machines

Need to know what kind of Card Machine is the right fit for your business?
Compare Card Machine features with the table below and get the ideal card terminal for your needs.



Installation and Operation
Easy to use, fast and reliable to operate Yes Yes Yes
Self-installing – just plug in and follow prompts Yes Yes Yes
Suitable for a range of lighting environments Yes Yes Yes
Operates multiple terminals from a single base unit No Yes No
Ease of Use
Integrated PINpad useful where space is limited Yes Yes Yes
Ergonomic keyboard for easy PIN entry Yes Yes Yes
Keypad includes 18 keys including 3 function keys Yes Yes Yes
Large graphic display with adjustable contrast Yes Yes Yes
Ideal for both indoor and most outdoor environments No No Yes
Take the terminal handset to your customer No Yes Yes
Payment Features
Accepts all major credit, debit and charge cards Yes Yes Yes
Supports the latest Chip & PIN card technology Yes Yes Yes
Able to process a wide range of transactions Yes Yes Yes
Transactions automatically seek online authorisation Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Authorisation available Yes Yes Yes
Supports Contactless Payments No No Yes
Quiet and fast easy loading thermal printer Yes Yes Yes
Long life battery for up to 200 transactions per charge No Yes Yes
Utilises Bluetooth technology for payment mobility No Yes No
Terminal has a clear range of up to 200 metres No Yes No
GSM/GPRS – take payments wherever you are No No Yes
Frees up telephone landlines for other business calls No No Yes
Backup external modem (LinkBox) available No No Yes

Koicoms believes in helping UK business prosper and we would be proud to partner with you to take your profits to the next level!

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