Koicoms Telecommunication

At Koicoms we focus only on small businesses, which is why we can offer phone and broadband packages that suit your needs. Don’t wait, start saving by switching your phone line today!

  • Koicoms deals are designed specifically for UK small businesses.
  • Koicoms quality of service is among the highest in the telecom industry.
  • Your phone number will remain the same.
  • BT Openreach will continue to maintain your phone line.2
  • Koicoms phone line transfer is easy, safe and hassle free.

Koicoms is one of the UK’s fastest growing telecoms companies, providing reliable, low-cost business phone & business broadband services. Koicoms phone tariff is amongst the cheapest on the UK market. Thousands of small businesses in the UK have switched to Koicoms for cheap business phone calls and great broadband packages.

 Koicoms line, unlimited uk calls and broadband bundles

Koicoms Business Basic Koicoms Business Extra Koicoms Business Max Koicoms  Business Fibre
Line Rental £11.99 £11.99 £11.99 £11.99
Call Package None £4.99 (600 mins) £7.99 (unlimited anytime) £7.99 (unlimited anytime)
Broadband £7.99 £10.00 £15.50 £24.97
Speed Fastest speed possible Fastest speed possible Fastest speed possible Up to 40MB1
Downloads 20GB 50GB Unlimited2 Unlimited2
Router Free Free Free Free
Package Price £19.98 £26.98 £35.48 £44.95


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