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VoIP for Business – Hosted or SIP Trunking

Voice over IP (VoIP) also known as voice over broadband is a method of transmitting voice over IP networks.

As a leading VoIP telecom provider in the UK, the Koicoms VoIP range is ideal for businesses of all sizes from one person small businesses to medium and large companies including call centres, supporting an unlimited number of users to take advantage of the largest and fastest growing next generation IP platform.

Our business VoIP service is an ideal way to make and receive calls over a robust business-class IP platform while taking advantage of more flexible telephony features, reduced call costs and even free calls within organisations and a cheaper alternative to traditional ISDN solutions.  We offer two main deployment options – Hosted VoIP or SIP Trunks.  To request a free SIP trunk to trial, contact us on 0141 433 1265 or click here


Managed Hosted VoIP

Single user or multi-user VoIP. Allows you to order VoIP on a per extension basis with minimal capital expenditure.  The telephony server is hosted in our datacentre which allows for easy management of telephone numbers(DDIs), number ranges, features and extensions online.

VoIP features include:

 Music on Hold  Caller ID Blocking  Caller ID Display  Branch and Remote Worker support
 Call Waiting  VoIP-enhanced ADSL
 Call Forward On-Busy  Free Calls between offices and sites
 Call Forwarding  3-Way Calling  Voicemail to Email  Cheap VoIP Calls
 Fax to Email  Auto Attendant / IVR  Hunt Groups  Call Transfer
 Call Queuing  Extension-Level Dialling  Call Reports  Online Billing per extension or account
 Call Recording  Extension-Level Itemisation  CLI Presentation  Full Geographic and Non-Geographic
DDI range: 0800, 0844, 01,02,03 etc.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunks allow you to convert your existing in-house PBX to take advantage of the reduced call costs and features offered by VoIP.  SIP trunks provide a highly flexible alternative to ISDN solutions.  The service can support connections ranging from two channels with small PBX’s to no limit on the number of channels that can be supported for larger Enterprise and Contact Centre customers.

Deployment Options: There are two service options to choose from depending on the type of existing equipment you have. Each service provides SIP Trunks which route traffic to the IP Platform.

Next Generation ISDN – Ideal for users who currently have traditional TDM PBXs allowing you to connect your equipment to a Koicoms CPE device,converting traffic from TDM to IP. This is then routed to our IP Platform and you are provided with SIP Trunks.

SIP Trunking – Ideal for users that have an IP enabled PBX (IP PBX) you will connect directly to our IP Platform and you will also be provided with SIP Trunks. Inter-operability testing will be performed as part of the provisioning process.

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